Enjoy Beautiful Summer Nights with Accent Lighting

trex deck post lights

Trex deck with post and riser lights

Warm summer nights are the best part of summer.  As dusk approaches, the fragrant air cools down and the stars shine bright, leaving you with more reasons to enjoy the outdoors.   When planning your personal outdoor living area, extend the enjoyment of your deck or patio well into the night by including a customized lighting plan in your design.  Through the use of quality, low-voltage, energy-efficient accent lights, you can create a serene setting and safe environment (without attracting bugs!), and enjoy your outdoor space throughout the evening. 

There are a variety of styles and choices of accent lighting to create your unique setting:


Accent Lights on IPE deck

Illuminate the stairs with Riser Lights.  Riser Lights are installed flush into the step risers, giving off a soft light so no one misses a step in the dark!

Post Cap Lights give off a soft glow that enhance the beauty of your railings and accentuate the shape of your deck at night. 

Mounted on walls or on posts, Accent Lights generate a down light effect offering extra visibility for stairs, paths or walkways.

Discreetly mounted under the deck railing, Under-Rail Lights add extra light in an area you may need it, such as near a built-in bench or seating area.

Compact In-Deck Lights mount flush to any surface and are ideal for pathways, stairs, doorways, and step-downs.  It is a simple way to add a dramatic effect to your deck. 

When considering your deck or patio design or upgrades evaluate all your lighting options.  The options are limitless.  A customized lighting plan will add ambiance and elegance to your outdoor living, creating an inviting atmosphere for you, your family and guests.  

Contact us at Archadeck at Bucks/Mont for a free design consultation that incorporates more than just a deck or patio design, we specialize in creating beautiful outdoor living sanctuaries that include complete customized lighting solutions.

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